Welcome to the new website inpiemonteintorino, an ambitious project as challenging as the current year, 2015: the year of the Universal Exhibition in Milan that is full of cultural, sports events, wine and food tours and much more organised by Piedmont and its capital city, Torino.  Expo 2015 is just 33 minutes away from the Torino’s town centre and close to the whole territory of the Piemonte Region which can be easily and immediately visited by all visitors to the Universal Exhibition.

This extensive cultural offer, which is in addition to the historical and natural attractions of our area, needed a single and recognisable web ecosystem, a “treasure chest” that would open to up to the world in a few easy, intuitive steps and reveal its surprises.  This is why, with the aim of piquing the interest of potential visitors and urging them to enjoy the excitement offered by the City and the Region every day of the year, inpiemonteintorino has been created, the new tourism promotion portal for events, produced together with CSI Piemonte and marked by the claim Weemotions in Piemonte, in Torino.

Continual team work by various bodies – Piemonte Region, City of Torino, Turismo Torino e Provincia – has resulted in the new portal which uses the E015(1) standards required by Expo 2015 for presenting the information related to the Universal Exhibition.

Our choice has been to keep the name of the portal in Italian (Inpiemonteintorino) to provide continuity to the promotion of the brand Piemonte e Torino, in use since 2006 when the Winter Olympics took place.  It has also been decided to keep the names of the individual events in Italian.

Considering the tourist flows expected we have had the contents of the portal translated in 4 languages – English, French, German and Spanish – by the association Asso Interpreti(2) and the agency Yellow Hub.

Using the search function by putting in a keyword or specifying a type of event, date or event, the website will offer an extensive choice of definite events and appointments posted by the specific editorial staff for the pages of individual events, the pictures, videos and news in brief.

And so, enjoy your browsing! We feel sure that Piemonte and Torino will surprise you as much as they surprise us every day.

The editorial staff

(1) Digital environment enabling the ICT systems of public bodies and private operators in the territory in a multitude of sectors to share information

(2) National Association of Professional Conference Interpreters